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Give Love! by Katie & Maeve
 Give A Little Bit, Give A Little Bit ... are the words that start the song first written and performed by Supertramp's Roger Hodgson (this version with Orchestra is lovely). Yes - it's not a Beatles tune, although Ringo Starr's band has performed it. The tune sung by many artists is fitting for this special day. Giving Tuesday is here! What are you going to do today and during this holiday season to give back? It can be as simple as buying that coffee for the person behind you at the drive-thru or buying a meal for that person you pass by daily on your way to work living on the street or a meaningful conversation with a co-worker who needs someone to listen.

The hustle and bustle seem to heighten at this time of year, and the “busyness” continues. For some, the season is fraught with stress, endless lists of things to buy, people to see and places to go. There are lots of tips out there to make it easier and peaceful as truly it is a magical time of year! Yet for some it is difficult as they can barely scrape together change for food let alone think about buying gifts for family or friends. Sometimes it is so hard to slow down and enjoy the excitement and everyday giving that happens at this time, and throughout the year. Take some time for you and find calm.
Rosanna's Shoebox Project Event 
Recently I participated in The Shoebox Project, an event hosted by a wonderful hockey/school Mom friend who gives so much of her time to local causes in our community. The shoeboxes are filled with items that a woman would like from everyday items that are needed such as shampoo and make-up, to treats such as chocolates. I had a lot of fun filling the boxes and wrapping them and sending a hand-written note to a woman who needs a little help. I hope she finds some comfort in it and knows that there are people out there that care.

Give A Little Bit. Whether it's Love, Time or Money. Give A Little Bit. Giving Tuesday is a great way to start.
For many organizations, food and toy drives and United Way or other corporate fundraising occurs. This is a time for companies and their employees to give back. My hubby, Tim, used his United Way campaign as a way to designate your donation to a specific charity or local needs. This year he sent his United Way funds to a cause we are both extremely supportive of, that is #YouthMentalHealth. The organization is doing amazing things for the future generation. Whatever your cause is, whether it is finding a cure for cancer or other illnesses, or ending poverty, or supporting your local animal shelter now is a fantastic opportunity to give back. If you don't have the funds to contribute, you can give your time at local food bank or other charity. It really is a great feeling to know that you can make a difference even in a small way.
Corporations through social responsibility and social organizations are continuing to change the world. Find out if your company has other opportunities throughout the year for associates to volunteer their time or donate to charities, or whether there is a matching program available. At this time of year, progressive and leading companies also think about clients and thank them for their trust in partnership. Customer appreciation and gratitude is something that we can do all year, not just during the holiday season.
Today is a perfect day to start giving. There are a number of ways to give whether it’s your time, financial contribution or kind words. Reach out and buy a coffee for a co-worker or a complete stranger. Send an unexpected email or even better a handwritten note to thank a client or colleague. Tell your manager or your employees you appreciate them. Let someone know you care about them or love them.

You don’t have to wait for Giving Tuesday - gratitude can also be a daily ritual. Be the Change! Join the movement @GivingTuesdayCA and share your story.

Life Works Well when we do! Life Works Well when we value giving and social responsibility. What will you do? For yourself, your others and for our future generation?

Helen, aka H*Raiser, is about to start a Movement. The Life Works Well Movement. Stay Tuned!


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