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Descriptive Writing Experiment

Do you have a favourite place that you visit that embodies more than you imagined it would? There is a spot that our family has visited in Grand Cayman. It is one of these places. I had to write a descriptive prompt for my creative writing workshop. It isn't easy to write this way when you are accustomed to business writing or formal legal analytical essays. It is definitely out of my comfort zone, yet it is exciting and energetic.   The other workshop participants are wonderful writers, and it is somewhat intimidating but I am learning and listening. I am focusing on my journey of self-improvement. I thought I would share this piece, with some edits I completed after feedback.   Colours of Calm The first time pulling up seems somewhat strange. The cemetery is on the left side of the road, the tombstones the brightest white as if freshly painted. The path to the right of the cemetery is well-worn with roots and grass emerging, a sharp contrast to the white burial space.

Go With the Flow

Funny, I never really thought about that expression "go with the flow" until recently. It did seem to describe me throughout my life. I thought I was always open to experiences, to trying new things, to exploring and adventures. I've never been a great planner. It has taken me a lot to put some structure in my life. Sometimes I wonder how I even made it to where I am given this free spirit non-conformist trait I seem to have. Day 4 of my 31-day 500 words a day writing venture, I received my daily email and it hit me. Go With the Flow for writing is perfection in itself. Jeff Goins’ message today was to simply write without worrying about editing or punctuation or anything else that keeps you from writing! He calls this free-writing. I like it! Go With the Flow writing, get those words out without thinking too much (which I tend to do, or used to anyway). This free-writing style truly embodies my spirit, or 'hey let’s see what comes to me today mentality'. P

The End is the Beginning Reflections

As 2017 came to an end, I read many posts and blogs reflecting on the year. It is a natural way to do so as the year comes to an end and a new one begins. I join the many in this ritual this year as I share some of my highlights from 2017. On a personal level, there were many changes and growth opportunities during the year. Some tough moments to get through, yet there was a ton of light! Some themes emerged for me as I reflected on my past, immersed myself in the present and look to an even more memorable future. Overall though I think what has stood out the most in 2017 is the change I feel within me, around me and with those I interact with. Finding a healthy balance is a constant juggle for many of us. A Few Highlights From 2017 - Miscellaneous Photographers Gratitude. Learning. Giving. Love. Believe.  Those words were a big part of 2017 and continue to resonate with me. If we can wake up each morning, that’s a good start! If we can be thankful for our health, our fam