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Time is on our Side ... Yes it is!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash It's the last month of t he year 2018. And there are people out there feeling like they are running out of time. Presents to buy, cookies to bake, cards to send, parties to attend and work to take care of. The year is almost over and we're running out of time. Or are we? Lately, I've been humming that Rolling Stones song "Time is on my side. Yes, it is! ... You'll come running back, you'll come running back ... to me!" Check out Mick and the boys here  Rolling Stones Time Is On My Side Time is yours if you want it. I read  The Big Leap  by Gay Hendricks recently, and there was a chapter dealing with the concept of time and how it eludes many of us. He says we should live in "Einstein Time", and once we transform our relationship with time our lives will be changed forever. You are where time comes from. At first, it was tough for me to follow what he was saying, but it made sense as I thought more abou