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Give A Little Bit

Give Love! by Katie & Maeve   Give A Little Bit, Give A Little Bit ... are the words that start the song first written and performed by Supertramp's Roger Hodgson (this version with Orchestra is lovely). Yes - it's not a Beatles tune, although Ringo Starr 's band has performed it. The tune sung by many artists is fitting for this special day. Giving Tuesday is here! What are you going to do today and during this holiday season to give back? It can be as simple as buying that coffee for the person behind you at the drive-thru or buying a meal for that person you pass by daily on your way to work living on the street or a meaningful conversation with a co-worker who needs someone to listen. The hustle and bustle seem to heighten at this time of year, and the “busyness” continues. For some, the season is fraught with stress, endless lists of things to buy, people to see and places to go. There are lots of tips out there to make it easier and peaceful as truly

I'm So Busy My Vision is Blurred

I am sooooooooo busy.  How many times do you hear that in a day? In the corporate world I used to hear that every single day and man did it irk me! Yes I know we are all busy. We fill our days and we run around like busy little bees. Yes I know bees don't run. We fill the moments with the buzz of meetings, phone calls, emails, timelines, saying yes instead of no. We get to a point that our vision is blurred because we are SOOOOOO BUSY! It doesn't need to be that way. Photo courtesy of Michelle Cederburg (National Payroll Week 2015) I started to smile every time someone said "I'm busy". I would nod my head and simply smile. Sometimes I would say "breathe or take a break or let's go for a walk". There is time in the day to get things done. It is a matter of prioritizing, putting those big rocks in first and scheduling. It is also bringing an attitude and calmness to your tasks without feeling overwhelmed and yes that dreadful word busy! Tha