I'm So Busy My Vision is Blurred

I am sooooooooo busy.  How many times do you hear that in a day? In the corporate world I used to hear that every single day and man did it irk me! Yes I know we are all busy. We fill our days and we run around like busy little bees. Yes I know bees don't run. We fill the moments with the buzz of meetings, phone calls, emails, timelines, saying yes instead of no. We get to a point that our vision is blurred because we are SOOOOOO BUSY! It doesn't need to be that way.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Cederburg (National Payroll Week 2015)

I started to smile every time someone said "I'm busy". I would nod my head and simply smile. Sometimes I would say "breathe or take a break or let's go for a walk". There is time in the day to get things done. It is a matter of prioritizing, putting those big rocks in first and scheduling. It is also bringing an attitude and calmness to your tasks without feeling overwhelmed and yes that dreadful word busy!

That's impossible you say. Trust me it's not. I was one of those people, rushing from one task to the next, one meeting to the next, with barely time to breathe. Sometimes late - a pet peeve and topic for another day. We have all been there. We can all stop this Busyness. We need to choose to do so. So how do I get rid of the busy bane of my existence you ask? Let me share what worked for me, it's worth a try.

Try Meditation 

One thing I started to do was meditate. I would come into my cubicle, put my head phones on and block out the buzz, the chaotic noise around me and simply listen, breathe and meditate. This is something that many famous people and leaders do at the start of their day or sometimes throughout the day. This is something that everyday people like me do. I started meditating at night to help me sleep when I was going through a very rough period. Meditation is something that you can learn. I've tried several apps and a number of programs. You have to find what works for you. I didn't like some of the voices in a few I tried but everyone is different so what resonates with me may not with you. I love Deepak and Oprah. They have a number of 21 day programs that are free to try or you can purchase for an annual fee and listen to them unlimited. They come with a message of the day and journal. Both voices are very soothing as they guide you through the mediation. It take's 21 days to form a habit; I've attempted it several times and think it is finally starting to stick. Whether you meditate at home, at work, at yoga or anywhere else, if you are open to it you will not regret it! Watch the busy busy busy world around you melt away.

Photo courtesy of the Conscience Resistance

Prioritize and Plan Your Schedule

We hear this time and time again - prioritize! Well it is not that easy. We can easily get distracted or side-tracked especially in this instant information age. Schedule your most important tasks daily - at work and at home. Schedule your social media time. Schedule everything so it is kept track of. I have a calendar that I use for the family in the kitchen (and trying out an electronic version that hasn't worked yet). Any tips for me on that welcome! All travel, kids' sports activities, daughter's work schedules, check on mom, medical appointments go on the family calendar. For work I look out ahead every Sunday night to ensure that everything is booked in one place. It's been a little more difficult lately with my own business as many people use various electronic calendars from google to outlook so it's important to have everything in one place. Many people use Calendly; figure out what works best for you. Yes I am human, I have missed something if it doesn't get in the calendar. #HumanFirst is my motto. We all make mistakes so getting organized helps with this and saves some embarrassment and apologizing. Been there. Done that. Replace the Busy in the calendar with your most important things, must-dos first and if you need help reprioritizing at work or home ask for it. Ask your manager, your coach, your mentor or other moms to help with drives to practice or drop off at school. It is okay to ask for help. You don't have to be SuperMom at home or SuperStar at work by saying yes to everything. It is also good to plan out your 30-60-90 days and annually. Take the time daily to reflect, enjoy the moment and breathe!

Quiet Reflection Photo by H*Raiser Newfoundland

Put You First

It is time you kick Busy to the curb. We can fill our days but it does not need to be at the cost of our health or the important things in our life. Decide what is non-negotiable. I know you have heard this before but it is worth repeating -- Put You First! Book the time for your self-care in that calendar, and if you don't know where to start check out the link for 45 simple ideas. Book the time for the gym. Book the time for yoga. Book the time for a walk or run. Book the time for meditation. Book the time to read. Book the time to Put You First. This needs to be in your calendar every day. There is time to do this. It will then help you face Busy and smile when you run into it. It will help you stay calm when Busy shows up again. And believe me and Busy always does! 

I'd love to hear how you manage your competing priorities and stay grounded. Life Works Well when you do! We can all learn from each other.

Helen, aka H*Raiser, is about to start a Movement. The Life Works Well Movement. Stay Tuned!


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