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Starting Out

I have been thinking about starting my own blog for ages. I've discovered, like many before me, that I like to write. Sometimes random thoughts and ideas come to me yet I don't always get them out and on paper. I have "journaled" off and on throughout my life, but it never stuck. Recently, before I left the corporate world, I started writing a few pieces for publications, and for our company blog. I realized how much I enjoy writing and reading and researching and I needed to join the millions who also blog. For me, myself and I.

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Starting a blog, however, takes time and energy and that isn't always available when you want or need it! The timing for Starting Out never seemed to arrive. It seems that juggling a full time job, part time studies toward a Masters, two children's busy schedules and an ailing Mom makes it pretty tough! I have always kept "BUSY&…

Look Up

I love interesting ceilings and light fixtures. Strange I know. Most people might not think to look up when they are out somewhere. Fine dining, a pub, a coffee shop or outdoors. There is beauty above and it is often missed. Try it sometime. You might be pleasantly surprised.

In fact there is beauty everywhere around us if only we take the time to Stop, Pause and Look. In this hectic world we live in we are continuously in a hurry. In a hurry to get to the next meeting. In a hurry to get to our child's sports game. In a hurry to meet that deadline. In a hurry to go and relax.

There is something wrong with this and change is coming. There are many movements happening. Now. As you read. Another movement is about to start. You can be part of that. The Stop, Pause and Look Movement. Or the Look Up Movement. See the Beauty Movement. Stop the #Metoo Movement. It is up to you. You can do this.

I am so pleased that so much has been written about Millennials and how they are helping push …