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What is Confidence? You are!

Authenticity, Action and Adaptability in changing or challenging circumstances are the hallmarks of confidence - Brendon Burchard I haven't posted in ages, that is life sometimes! I have so much admiration for those who blog regularly and have found their cadence - it is hard work to keep up a steady flow! Since this is a personal blog that started as an experiment, I'm okay with the infrequent posts - I have a lot on the go these days. A new puppy, a new partial-load teaching job at Centennial College, my work on the two publications I edit and author for Thomson Reuters, and work on my book. Plus I have a ton of personal projects at home and doing some work on myself. Whew, that's just part of it. I can't forget about the family responsibilities. There is a lot to juggle and that's what finding your balance, your space or your harmony is all about. Be kind to yourself when some things slip. It's all part of finding your way. Life Works Well Wh