The Year of Glow, Teach, Learn, Grow & Give

And a Few Surprises Too!
Reflections on 2018My focus in 2018 was self-care, trying to get healthier - mind, body and soul. Man, it is never-ending, isn’t it? I also continued my quest to teach, learn, grow and give. Things happened organically last year and while I had a few plans there were many surprises along the way. I continued with the theme from 2017, the importance of family and friends and staying true to yourself. As I reflect back on 2018, much of that remained the same and I added a little more.
Everyone can keep learning and trying out something new at any age. Take the challenge up, get out of your comfort zone and do it!


My year started out by attending a meditation workshop where we reflect, meditate and learn about our nervous systems and bodies. Then from this, a Word of the Year arises and we painted what came from that. This was something new for me, and very fun. I went in with a word in mind (to be honest I can’t even remember what it was now) and yet I came up …

Gabrielle Bernstein: The Universe Has Your Back | SuperSoul Sessions | O...


Time is on our Side ... Yes it is!

It's the last month of the year 2018.

And there are people out there feeling like they are running out of time. Presents to buy, cookies to bake, cards to send, parties to attend and work to take care of. The year is almost over and we're running out of time.

Or are we?
Lately, I've been humming that Rolling Stones song "Time is on my side. Yes, it is! ... You'll come running back, you'll come running back ... to me!"

Check out Mick and the boys here Rolling Stones Time Is On My Side
Time is yours if you want it.I read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks recently, and there was a chapter dealing with the concept of time and how it eludes many of us. He says we should live in "Einstein Time", and once we transform our relationship with time our lives will be changed forever. You are where time comes from. At first, it was tough for me to follow what he was saying, but it made sense as I thought more about it.

We're always saying "we never have enoug…

What is Confidence? You are!

Authenticity, Action and Adaptability in changing or challenging circumstances are the hallmarks of confidence - Brendon Burchard

I haven't posted in ages, that is life sometimes! I have so much admiration for those who blog regularly and have found their cadence - it is hard work to keep up a steady flow! Since this is a personal blog that started as an experiment, I'm okay with the infrequent posts - I have a lot on the go these days. A new puppy, a new partial-load teaching job at Centennial College, my work on the two publications I edit and author for Thomson Reuters, and work on my book.
Plus I have a ton of personal projects at home and doing some work on myself. Whew, that's just part of it. I can't forget about the family responsibilities. There is a lot to juggle and that's what finding your balance, your space or your harmony is all about. Be kind to yourself when some things slip. It's all part of finding your way. Life Works Well When you do! Find …

Happy International Women's Day

To the beautiful, caring, strong and unique women in my life thank you for being you!
My dear Mom, thank you for giving me life and being the best mother that you could be. You are a strong, amazing and giving woman who taught me so much. You supported my decisions and helped me become the person I am today. You sacrificed your own freedom to give to your five children and many others in our community. I remember the days where you’d be home feeding 10 of us for lunch even when we had little money. You worked tirelessly to provide, both inside and outside of the home. You sheltered us from the difficult world outside until you knew it was time for us to figure it out. You continued to live even when many close to you were taken from this earth. May you find peace, love and happiness for the remainder of your days. #Gratitude #Love #Peace

My dear daughter Katie, thank you for inspiring me to be the best Mom and person I can be. You have brought so much light to me and you should be proud…

Descriptive Writing Experiment

Do you have a favourite place that you visit that embodies more than you imagined it would? There is a spot that our family has visited in Grand Cayman. It is one of these places. I had to write a descriptive prompt for my creative writing workshop. It isn't easy to write this way when you are accustomed to business writing or formal legal analytical essays. It is definitely out of my comfort zone, yet it is exciting and energetic.The other workshop participants are wonderful writers, and it is somewhat intimidating but I am learning and listening. I am focusing on my journey of self-improvement. I thought I would share this piece, with some edits I completed after feedback.

Colours of Calm
The first time pulling up seems somewhat strange. The cemetery is on the left side of the road, the tombstones the brightest white as if freshly painted. The path to the right of the cemetery is well-worn with roots and grass emerging, a sharp contrast to the white burial space. There are high d…