Happy International Women's Day

To the beautiful, caring, strong and unique women in my life thank you for being you! 

My dear Mom, thank you for giving me life and being the best mother that you could be. You are a strong, amazing and giving woman who taught me so much. You supported my decisions and helped me become the person I am today. You sacrificed your own freedom to give to your five children and many others in our community. I remember the days where you’d be home feeding 10 of us for lunch even when we had little money. You worked tirelessly to provide, both inside and outside of the home. You sheltered us from the difficult world outside until you knew it was time for us to figure it out. You continued to live even when many close to you were taken from this earth. May you find peace, love and happiness for the remainder of your days. #Gratitude #Love #Peace

Four Generations of Gals

My dear daughter Katie, thank you for inspiring me to be the best Mom and person I can be. You have brought so much light to me and you should be proud of the young woman you have become. You are awesome, kind and caring. I can’t wait to see how you grow, and what you accomplish in the future. And to Katie’s friends whom I have grown to love as my daughters, you are all talented, strong and giving young women. You will all change the world. You can do whatever you choose. Believe in you. May you be happy, healthy and find harmony the remainder of your days. #Believe #Happy #Healthy #Harmony

Katie and her Aunt Mary and Karney

The Aunts, and female role models who come into our lives, our teachers and mentors and coaches. You make the world a better place by helping us grow and learn. You motivate us to do more and be more every day. My dear nieces, thank you for giving me the opportunity to support you reach your dreams. I have watched you grow into fantastic people who will also change the future and make the world a better place. I can’t wait to see what you do and know I am always here for you. May you discover your greatness, live your dreams and be yourself. #Dream #BeYou

Sistas Of All Ages and Types

My dear sisters, mother and sisters-in-law, and girlfriends. Thank you for being there for me to pick me up when I fell. To comfort me when I cried. To hug me when I most need it. Thank you for accepting me as I am. Thank you for cheering me on and believing in me. Thank you for inspiring me and making a difference in the world. Thank you for making me laugh my ass off (not literally as the cushion remains, although I’m learning to love it). Thank you for making me laugh so hard that I pee my pants. And ladies until you’ve done it you haven’t lived. And men you don’t know what you are missing. May you find happiness, love and laughter for the remainder of your days. #Laugh #Love #Happiness

To the women of SheEO who will change the world, I am so humbled to be a part of this team. With #RadicalGenerosity we will make a difference together.

High School Gals Still Strong

And to the men who support all of us, our partners, fathers, uncles, brothers, nephews and friends, you have an impact on the women in your lives. How you treat them, how you show up and how you inspire them makes a difference. Thank you to the men who have lifted us up, helped us live to be our best selves and give back to the world. May you grow, love and live a wonderful life with these amazing women. #Grow #LoveWomen #LiveWell

The Law Ladies + 1

As we see more discussion about equality and gender parity, the #MeToo movement and so many other causes, remember that everyone is here on earth because a woman brought them life. Let’s hope that all genders, races, sexual orientation, religions, differences can one day unite. We are all #HumanFirst. As we celebrate women today, let’s also celebrate all humanity. We’re in this together.

Helen, aka H*Raiser, is about to start a Movement. The Life Works Well Movement. Stay Tuned!


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