Go With the Flow

Funny, I never really thought about that expression "go with the flow" until recently. It did seem to describe me throughout my life. I thought I was always open to experiences, to trying new things, to exploring and adventures. I've never been a great planner. It has taken me a lot to put some structure in my life. Sometimes I wonder how I even made it to where I am given this free spirit non-conformist trait I seem to have.

Day 4 of my 31-day 500 words a day writing venture, I received my daily email and it hit me. Go With the Flow for writing is perfection in itself. Jeff Goins’ message today was to simply write without worrying about editing or punctuation or anything else that keeps you from writing! He calls this free-writing. I like it! Go With the Flow writing, get those words out without thinking too much (which I tend to do, or used to anyway). This free-writing style truly embodies my spirit, or 'hey let’s see what comes to me today mentality'. Perfection. The gift of imperfection. I’MPERFECT. And that’s okay.

Great Book to Read
Focusing on creating this habit of getting up, and writing as soon as I can, will allow me to actually get some of the structure that I so need. Not simply for my writing, but as a way of getting my life more organized. ORGANIZATION. That will be a theme for another day! I am sure many that know me have heard me say a gazillion times “I NEED TO GET ORGANIZED”. Well, I think I am finally on to something here. Well, at least as it relates to my goal of writing.
So Go With the Flow - is it a good trait to have? I wonder. I like the fact that I am okay with spontaneity. Yes, perhaps it might be a little bit of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out); at least that applied when I was much much younger. And apparently, I may have passed this characteristic on to my daughter, Katie. Where is the party? Oops, I digress, my sincere apologies. Where was I? Oh yeah, going with the flow. Hey, this is fun when it applies to writing. Perhaps a little of my ADD is showing up as well.
Okay, I should ask Jeff if it is okay to do a word count in the middle of my writing? I am going to do that right now as I am curious where I am at. Wow! I was at 415 words up until the end of that sentence. He is right. Very cool, this “free-writing” as he calls it.
I think there is some benefit to having a Go With the Flow attitude when it is the right time. You can’t necessarily live your life that way always. You need some balance, a little ORGANIZATION and STRUCTURE is important as well. Having a bit of both makes Life Work Well. So as I continue my 2018 challenges, and this 31-day 500 words a day goal, I’ll use this to create something that I enjoy.
In Jeff’s own words:
Master the art of silencing the inner critic, letting go of perfectionism, and embracing your art.”
I like it. Today I am embracing my art, my Go With the Flow spirit and letting go of perfection. And it feels great! Oops gotta run. Time to take Cullen and his friend to hockey skills training. And now I need to fly!
Go With the Flow photo by E. Williams

p.s. I did the final word count 578. Cool. The post was unedited, except for a few commas.
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